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About Me

gradNewI was born in 1955 and raised in Tecumseh, Ontario into a French Canadian home and am the fifth child of seven; three sisters and three brothers. My father was Villemaire Papineau and worked at the Essex County Separate School Board until his untimely passing in 1973. My mother, Beatrice worked at Green Giant for many years and later re-married Sam Goyeau. She passed away in 2007.

After graduation from St. Anne’s High School, I attended Seneca College in Toronto and completed the Law Enforcement Program.

In 1975, I joined the Toronto Police Service as a radio dispatcher, then re-classified to clerical/administration. In 1986, I was promoted to a supervisory position and then transferred to the Police College. It was during this time period that I became proficient in budgeting protocol and financial management of municipal funds.

Shortly afterwards, I was selected to become an instructor at the College teaching Adult Education to both civilian and uniform personnel.  My expertise was in preparing and presenting courses in Leadership, Ethics, Diversity, Elder Abuse, Race Relations and Instructional Techniques.  However, my entire spectrum included delivering topics on communication, conflict resolution, supervisory skills, time management, customer service and professional development. 

In my last several years, I was promoted to the rank of Registrar for the Toronto Police College, responsible for supervision, training records for the entire police service and mandated course training standard records for each course taught. Again, my focus was on budgetary needs as dictated by the City of Toronto and the Toronto Police Service Board. I retired in 2011 with 36 years of service to the citizens of Toronto. 

Like a boomerang, I returned to Windsor about 2 kilometers from where I grew up. I started my own moving and organizing company called D.A.R.T. and in 2013, I began working part time for HomeInstead Senior Care as a care worker.

In 2015, I married Joe Derikx and we reside on Boulder Crescent, in Windsor. We are now a blended family with 6 children, 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.


My Mission and Vision

My Mission

To serve and represent the citizens of Ward 7 to the best of my ability, focusing on their needs for the betterment of the community.

J’aimerais adresser à toutes les personnes francophones… Mon objectif est de vous représenter aussi dans votre langue.  

Je vous assure que je tiens à coeur ma langue maternelle. C’est un aspect très important de ma vie personnelle et professionnelle.

My Vision

Knowing how to listen, screening concerns and achieving an attainable and measurable solution is my biggest asset. I am READY.

Speaking both official languages of French and English enables me to communicate effectively. 

Current issues surrounding race relations, diversity, elder abuse, mental health and homelessness are important to me. Also, customer service, protocol surrounding municipal affairs, and specifically budgets are a priority. I am SET.

Ward 7 is a vibrant and growing area of Windsor with abundant green space and trails.  It is rooted with tradition and is inviting to newcomers.  This is where I call home. So let’s GO!

Community Involvement


For 32 years, Thérèse has been an active member of the Girl Guides of Canada.


Thérèse receives the Purple Heart award in December 2019 from HISC owner Colleen Jersy.

Working with Seniors in the community has become a passion for Thérèse Papineau